woensdag 10 juli 2013

The parable of the foolish donkey

Once upon a time there was a small donkey who had a terrible taskmaster who made him carry loads way beyond the poor donkey’s ability to carry. Then one day he was bought by a new master. The new master was kind a gave him a very light load to carry. The donkey felt very sorry for his fellow donkeys who still carried heavy burdens on their back and because he wanted to help them and because he believed he could handle more than his master gave him to carry he started carrying part of their burdens. Soon the donkey found he was carrying a load way to heavy for him to carry. Unfortunately instead of going to his master and let him take away the burden, he complained to his fellow donkeys who became angry with him for not taking his responsibility and punished him by increasing his burden. Then the donkey found he could carry no more and collapsed. Then his master found him and took away his heavy burden and nursed him back to full health. And so the rather foolish donkey finally learned his lesson and became a lot wiser: Be willing to be everyone’s servant but obey only one master and only carry the burdens He gives you to carry.

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