maandag 8 juli 2013

It is time to abolish the mindset which gave rise to slavery and colonialist exploitation of vulnerable people

It has been over 150 years since slavery was abolished by most countries although it can still be found in various places in the world, not in the least in the sex-industry. In the same way colonialism is a thing of the past although the neo-colonialist exploitation of weaker and poorer countries by richer and more powerful countries, and/or their companies, both from east and west, is alive and well, if not a growing phenomenon. Also within our societies we can observe the tendency of the law being made, interpreted and applied in the interest of those with economic power, and then superimposed upon the weaker and more vulnerable groups in society.  From the weak and poor only docile submission and obedience is demanded, failing which they will face financial and legal sanctions.  All this reflects the same underlying philosophy which gave rise to slavery, colonialist exploitation and the dehumanization and objectification of vulnerable people who had no means to defend themselves against our power. In Europe the tendency to depict economic and other refugees as illegals, branding the unemployed as people abusing the welfare system, or describing certain groups of migrants as being criminals, are good examples of the same dehumanizing philosophy which led to slavery and colonialism.  The Christian Bible calls money the root of all kinds of evil because where money and economic interests become paramount in society (as if it is our ‘’god’’) those with economic power will attempt to create, interpret, impose and apply the laws in such a way that their interests are protected and served. In such an environment the poor and the weak in society will be forced to make sacrifices that hurt their interests and damages their sense of identity. Idolatry usually results in the weak being sacrificed by the strong upon the altar of the idols of the day. Slavery may be formally abolished and colonialism may officially be over but the idolatrous neo-colonial mindset is still alive and well in our society as well as among our politicians.  It is time the abolish this mindset as well for it still leads to all kinds of oppression, injustice and pain in our societies.  Now is the time to abolish the mindset which gave rise to slavery and colonialist exploitation of vulnerable people.

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