donderdag 4 juli 2013

Forgive the not-so-innocent bijstanders

When trying to escape from a situation of abuse nothing is as difficult to deal with than the uncaring, sceptical, unbelieving if not downright hostile response of the bystanders.  In some cases bystanders may for the sake of their own (perceived) interests join forces with the abuser to force you back into submission and obedience. It is often much more difficult to forgive them than the abuser.  At least with the abuser you know that he or she has been at least partially been acting out of his/her own painful past and so in your mind there are exonerating circumstances which makes it easier to forgive. With the bystanders the situation is quite different. In most cases there are no exonerating circumstances you can think of. However, for your own sake and because of the One who has forgiven you all your wrongs you also need to forgive them and with Christ say "Father forgive them, they don't know what they are doing".

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