woensdag 7 augustus 2013

My beloved child

My child I love you very very much. Because I so dearly love you I want to point out to you that you should not ask me to give you more of My Spirit or to fill you with My Spirit because I actually made My Spirit live within you. The source of living water is within you in all its fullness and you must allow it to fill you. By My Spirit the Father and I live within you and you live in me. Because of that streams of living water flow from within you. It is not something you have to attain or strife for, it is a present reality.  You do not have to advertise it or try to convince other people of, because just as the presence of water in the desert it reflected by an oasis of vegetation, so the presence of my Spirit within you will be seen by its effects in your life. All I require from you is that you keep your life clean of all those obstacles that prevent the stream of living water, of love, goodness, kindness, and Christ-likeness to flow from within you. I do not require you to splash people with that living water, but those who come thirsty for my love and truth should always be welcomed as My guests. Jealously guard the well of living water within you and do not allow its waters to become muddled by what is not from me. Remember who you are in me and do not try to be anything in the eyes of men. Don't worry about being respectable, or gaining a reputation or position in the eyes of men. Be a ''Mary'' rather than a ''Martha" and find your identity in who you are in me. A beloved child, a member of a royal priesthood, belonging to me. Therefore be proud of your lowly status and rejoice in your trials as this keeps you close to Me. Trust me and seek to imitate me in doing what is good and avoid even a hint of evil.

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