dinsdag 19 mei 2015

A long march to freedom

Following Christ is not a matter of ‘buying’ the right ticket and get in the right bus so we are comfortably taken to our destination by the Holy Spirit as the driver. Nothing is further from the truth. Following Christ is a matter of daily turning away from the temptation of the world to live selfishly and its focus on wealth focuses and status in the eyes of man. It requires a daily decision to remain focused on Christ no matter what happens and follow in His footsteps step-by-step. This road is narrow and often uncomfortable and full of peril and requires us ro remain close to the Good Shepherd. For we must go through  many hardships before we will finally enter the Kingdom of God and reach the destination planned for us by God (Acts 14:20). It is not a comfortable and easy ride but a daily march in which we must choose to listen to the inner prompting of the Holy Spirit and throw of all that hinders or side-tracks us and live in a manner that emulates Christ and glorifies God. It is indeed a long march to freedom, eternal freedom in which ultimately even our bodies will be set free from the decaying power of sin and death.

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