donderdag 23 april 2015

Let no one Lord it over you for only Christ should be your Lord

If someone gets angry, irritated or starts sulking when you do not take their advice or share their opinion they demonstrate a lack of respect and love for you as a person as their behaviour shows their true intention was to dictate to you what you should do or believe. The same applies to those who respond with manipulation using guilt and shame and blame tactics. Or those who use sabotage or quiet subterfuge, gossip or resort to other over and covert methods to make you comply with their demands. Let no one be your master. The only obligation you have is to love your neighbour as you love yourself as Gods word tells us in Romans 13:8-10. The yoke people try to put on our shoulders is harsh but His yoke is light

So why allow others to Lord it over us and place burdens on us? After all, if the Lord of Heaven and Earth whose will is perfect does not force us to comply but humbly invites us to follow Him for our own good, who is "greater" than Him that he/she can lord it over us?

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