dinsdag 24 maart 2015

A theology of ironing your clothes…….

I know some of you will think I am exaggerating, and maybe I do so at times to make a point. However, today this was a real issue when I was faced with a having to iron a pile of laundry. It is a chore I really don’t enjoy, partly because I suck at it and partly because I feel it’s a waste of time,

So since I discuss anything with God, I needed to discuss this also with my beloved Father in Heaven. The conversation kind of went like this: Honestly Lord ‘ironing my clothes’ is not exactly what you tell me the Kingdom of God is all about. You taught me that the Kingdom of God is about living right in accordance with the righteousness of Gods Kingdom and it is about joy and peace in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:7). God: “Yes, Erwin that is very true”, me: “That is great Lord, I am always happy when we agree :).” God: “Yes we agree that my kingdom is not about such mundane matters in themselves, but my dear child that does not mean you should not do them.” Me: “That does not make sense to me, ironing or not ironing my clothes does not add or subtract from who I am, and besides many people in other parts of the world never iron their clothes.” God: “you are right about that.” Me: “” God: “But, you are not in ‘many parts of the world’, you are now in the Netherlands.” Me: “you mean that living in accordance with your righteousness of love means I should adjust to the culture and be a Jew with the Jew and Greek with the Greek, and all things to all men so that I do not put unnecessary obstacles in their way which may hinder them from being saved? (1 Cor. 9:19-23).” God: “Now you are getting it”. Me: “But it is boring, I am not good at it and I don’t like it.” God: “doing what is good in accordance with the Law of Christ is not always nice but it is always the right thing to do.” Me: “alright, let me get on with it, I will do it for you.” God: “Now my child, that’s the Spirit - no pun intended :)”.

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