vrijdag 18 april 2014

What to do when it feels everyone is against you?

What do you do when you feel the whole world is against you??????
You wake up in the morning just like everyone else, but what you wake to is a life of stress and constant struggle.

You never seem to do anything right. Every which way you turn someone has a go at you about something you have done, or haven’t done or couldn’t do, or is out of your control.

You feel everyone is making demands on you. You can’t even answer the phone as there is always someone on the other end wanting something from you.

You partner blames you for everything that’s amiss in your lives.

You do everything possibly for your family but still your actions are not good enough. They seem to treat you as if you’re an embarrassment to them or that they just don’t have time for you.

You labour for your partner/family time and time again, going out of your way to make sure there ever whim is granted. You go without things so they don’t have to go without. 

But you get to a time when everything is just too much, you are drained and have no more to give. Every way you turn is another negative response knocking you down further and further till you feel the whole world is against you?

What can I do?
You look at the few options that seem open to you. Yet there is no hope in any of them but to just stay and endure. So you pick yourself up and brush off the hurt and despair and get up in the morning trying to piece together a better attitude and you go back to the labour of love like every other time. You cope better for a while until it all gets too much again and you fall back into this empty despair again.

So what do you do when you feel the whole world is against you?

Do you just repeat this same scenario time after time?

Do you walk out and leave it all behind you?

Do you take the ultimate escape and escape life entirely?

Do you sit with your friends time after time moaning about your desperate situation and talking bad about those you hold responsible… till all your friends leave you because there is nothing left of the friendships anyway?

Do you get strong and put your foot down and say things are going to change around here? Only to worsen the situation, and have them hate you even more?

Do you sit there and do nothing and just pretend nothing is happening and things aren’t so bad?

Are you looking for love somewhere else? In an affair or in self-soothing behaviour using alcohol or drugs, religion or popularity and success?

Do you plod on hoping one day things will change?

All the above scenarios are counter-productive, they will not help you in the long run!

Then what can I do?
What can you do if it seems that nobody loves you?

Well, it is time to embrace the truth that nobody can make you happy inside.

It is also time to embrace the truth that no amount of money, wealth, success or achievement will make you happy inside.

Happiness is a choice; it is your choice!!!

There are people that endure the most horrible events and still come out happy. There are those that become unhappy as soon as the smallest thing does not go as planned.

If you keep dwelling on past suffering, mistakes or misfortunes you won’t do anything except put a wedge under the door to invite more misfortunes into your life. But if you take responsibility for your own happiness you’ll gracefully overcome those feelings of dread, one by one.

You need to stop seeing everything as a personal attack, and even if someone attacks you personally choose to see enmity or resistance as a challenge for you to constructively respond to it and as a learning opportunity. No-one can do this for you. Only you can motivate yourself to that point!

Take your negative glasses off and start looking at yourself and others with positive glasses of love and compassion, of fogiveness and patience, of kindness and joy.

But I don't have the strength to take the negative glasses off and put on positive ones!!!

In God you can find all the strength, love, joy, kindness, patience you need. Surrender to Him andlet Christ rule in your heart and let pleasing Him be the greatest priority in your life. Seek Him in prayer and meditation and handover all that bothers you to Him and trust Him to deal with it. Let His word fill your heart and mind and accept His promises in faith. He really loves you and He can be trusted. Also surround yourself with positive people who do the same. People who live within the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of God is in them through the rule of Christ although they are still on earth.  Wherever there is the rule of Christ, there is a heart filled with love (Romans 5:5) and inner peace and happines (Romans 14:17).

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