donderdag 26 september 2013

God of miracles

My beloved child. I am a God of instant miracles but I am also the God who has been working out His plan for the salvation of humankind and all of creation from eternity past towards eternity future. Be patient my child for I do not work according to the schedules of humankind nor do give my children all they want when they want it, or all they need when they think they need it. I provide at the right time, trust me. Look at nature. When I want to create a mayfly I work fast and its existence is fragile and fleeting. When I want to create an oak I will take my time. The mayfly will in its brief life not encounter many storms or seasons of hardship and adversity but the oak will.  For the oak there is no instant miracle and rapid development. The oak will grow slow and only after a long time of having endured storms and hardship will its final form take shape.  The instant miracle of the mayfly will be long forgotten but the enduring miracle of the magnificent oak will inspire many generations to come.  They will see an unshakable tree, a planting of the Lord, deeply and firmly rooted and fed by underground streams of living water.

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